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Electric Neck Massager
Electric Neck Massager

Neck Massager Video

Neck Massager Video
Neck Massager Video

Neck Massager Benefits

Portable cordless shiatsu cervical massager with heat that provides electric deep kneading massage for back, neck and shoulder. Our intelligent equipment is a therapy cane specially designed for personal deep tissue vibration massage. You can enjoy a professional neck and upper/low back massage at home by using this machine. We have got a lot of positive reviews, an increasing number of people begin to carry out self body care by using back plus neck massage devices. The relaxing pulse provided by intelligent massager is very effective for pain relief. TAHATH is a professional massager supplier, if you want to know more about massagers, how to use a smart neck and back massager, what is the best massager, and other different types of Chinese massage, we can provide reliable advice and instructions. Please no hesitate to contact us!

Electric Neck Massager Review

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How To Use Electric Neck Massager

  • Step
    Step 01

    The first step is to open the package of neck and shoulder massager machine, tear off the protective film on the 3 massage heads, and wipe the massage head, shoulder and neck with a hot towel, keep it moist.

  • Step
    Step 02

    The second step is to wear the shoulder and neck massager on your neck and adjust the intensity that suits you. It is recommended to gradually increase the intensity from level 1. When using it for the first time, use the intensity of 1-5 to avoid unsuitability caused by excessive intensity.

  • Step
    Step 03

    The third step is to switch the mode. There are four modes to choose from. The kneading mode is the default when the machine is turned on, and the acupuncture mode, hammering mode and free mode can be switched.

Tips For Using Tahath Electric Pulse Neck Massager

Tips For Using Tahath Electric Pulse Neck Massager

  • Before use, read the instructions carefully and understand the steps

  • Moisten the head, shoulders, and neck with a wet towel, the massage effect of the electric neck massager device will be more obvious

  • The electrode sheet can be attached to various parts of the body as an extended massage head

  • Our shoulder massager machine has a smart timing of 15 minutes. It is recommended to use it twice a day for the best effect

  • The rechargeable shoulder and neck massager is recommended to be charged once a week for 2 hours

  • Charging status: red light flashes

  • Fully Charged: red light is always on.

  • Our neck and shoulder massager machine can have up to 15 levels of intensity. For newcomers who just started to touch the shoulder and neck massager, it is recommended to adapt to the intensity of 1-5 levels.

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Treatment for Shoulder and Neck Pain

  • Keep Exercising And Change Bad Posture
    Keep Exercising And Change Bad Posture

    Weekly exercise is the best choice. Playing badminton, kite flying, and breaststroke are all beneficial activities to the cervical spine.

    At the same time, avoid bad postures, such as watching TV and reading a book while lying on the bed, sleeping on one side for a long time, talking with the phone clamping between your ear and shoulder, etc.

  • Relieve Neck Pressure During Sleep
    Relieve Neck Pressure During Sleep

    A pillow that fits the curve of the human body has a certain bearing capacity, and the height is 12-16CM. The neck should rest on the pillow and not hang in the air. Keep the head slightly back. Those who are used to lying on the side should place the pillow on the shoulder with the same height. Effectively decompose the pressure on the head, neck, and shoulders, allowing the cervical spine to repair itself during sleep.

    Correct: 100% support for the cervical spine and perfectly fit the neckline

    Error: The cervical spine does not have much support, and the neck and pillow core cannot fit

  • Prevent The Cold From Attacking
    Prevent The Cold From Attacking

    Feeling cold will make the blood flow in the shoulder and neck poor, and aggravate the symptoms of pain and stiffness, so do not keep the skin of the shoulder and neck exposed for looking good. Prepare a shawl or a big scarf in an air-conditioned office to keep warm, so that blood circulation speeds up and joints run smoothly to prevent the intrusion of cold.

  • Applying A Hot Towel To The Side Of The Neck Can Reduce Soreness
    Applying A Hot Towel To The Side Of The Neck Can Reduce Soreness

    After a day of work, you might have shoulder pain, backache, and exhaustion. You can use a towel to soothe the stiff and sore muscles. The hot compress should not only work on the shoulder and the back of the neck but also the oblique side of the front of the neck, the area connecting the ears and the clavicle, because this part is where the nerves that convey soreness after the neck is compressed, it should also be warmed with a towel.

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