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Battery Portable Shoulder Pain Neck Pulse Massager

TAHATH battery portable shoulder and neck massager can be set with 15-minute's intelligent timing, 4 modes, 15 levels of intensity can be adjusted arbitrarily, and 2 AAA batteries can be replaced at will.

In addition, the small handheld battery-operated massager features an ergonomic design, 3D close-to-the-neck design, beautiful rhombus embellishment, flexible silicone support, and 3 comfortable massage heads, enabling a private massage to enjoy with electronic pulse technology, which deeply stimulates the muscles, promote blood circulation, relieves the shoulder muscles, and bring you a comfortable massage experience.

The battery powered massager equipment have got many good reviews. The smart neck and back massager can provide various types of massage that meet different needs. Massage with the portable electric pulse massager devices for 15 minutes, you will feel comfortable in your back and neck all day.

Features of Battery Operated Pulse Neck Massager

  • Easy Maintenance
    Easy Maintenance

    The 2 AAA batteries inside this battery-operated neck massager are easy to replace. 

  • Wide Modes Selection
    Wide Modes Selection

    Similar to the other electric neck massager device produced by TAHATH, this battery neck massager also has 4 different massaging modes (kneading, hammering, acupuncture, and free)

  • Different Levels of Intensities
    Different Levels of Intensities

    This battery neck massager holds 15 different levels of intensity so as to better meet the needs of different users. 

  • Smart Timing
    Smart Timing

    The battery-operated muscle massager will automatically stop after 15 minutes so as to save energy and prevent the situation of over-massaging from happening.

  • Highly Portable
    Highly Portable

    This battery-operated pulse neck massager is well-known for its small and light structure.

Specifications of Battery Operated Pulse Neck Massager

Item No Picture Description Technical Specification MEAS

Battery Portable Shoulder Pain Neck Pulse Massager

4 massage modes Working Parameters DC3V, 6W N.W.: 125g
15 gear force adjustment G.W.: 250g
Intelligent 15 minute power off Product Size: 13*14cm
One-click quick start Box size: 17*17*6cm
3D fit to the cervical spine CTN Size: 53*37*53cm
Free electrode piece Qty/ CTN 48PCS

Pulse Neck Massager Review

Electric Pulse Neck Massager Instructions

  • Step 01

    Take the battery neck massager out of the box and tear off the protective film of the massage heads. Similar to the starting of our USB charging smart neck massager, you also need to wipe the neck skin and the massage head of this battery-powered back massager with a wet towel so as to make the massage more comfortable. 

  • Step 02

    Wear the battery-operated pulse neck massager close to the skin and then press and hold the power button for 2S to turn the default kneading mode on.

  • Step 03

    Then you can adjust the intensity of the battery neck massager to the level that you feel most comfortable with. You can simply press the intensity +/- button to increase or decrease the intensity.

  • Step 04

    Mode switching. As for this battery neck massager, there are in total 4 modes available for selection. In addition to the default kneading mode, you can also choose among the hammering mode, acupuncture mode, and automatic mode, which is the cycle of the above 3 modes.

  • Step 05

    The default massaging time of our battery-operated pulse neck massager is 15 minutes. You can also press and hold the power button for 2S to shut the machine down.

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