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Face Clearner
Face Clearner

Cleansing Brush Benefits

Made of special material and craft processing, the massaging head of our Korean face cleansing device can better penetrate into the pores of the skin and clean the texture.If you use this electric facial cleanser massager machine together with the facial cleanser, the skin cleaning can be achieved faster and more effectively. Having the function of vibration which can massage the skin, this series can also achieve the magical effects of cleaning and skin care simultaneously.

Facial Cleansing Device Reviews

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How To Use A Silicone Facial Cleanser?

  • Step
    Step 01

    Remove makeup, moisturize the face, apply cleansing milk to turn on the Korean face cleansing device, and start the clean mode.

  • Step
    Step 02

    Starting from the chin, gently move up the chin to the ears until the cheeks are clean. Gently move from the middle of the forehead to both sides until the entire forehead is cleaned. 

  • Step
    Step 03

    Cleaning both sides of the nose, slide up and down along the nose; when cleaning around the eyes, it is recommended to gently slide outwards with low intensity. Rinse and dry your face and turn down the electric facial cleanser massager machine.

The Charging Method of Korean Face Cleansing Device

  • Connect the power adapter and the cleansing device with a USB charging cable. Plug the power adapter into the socket or directly connect the USB charging cable to the computer and the cleansing device to charge.

  • Continuously press the "+" button: the vibration gradually increases, and continuously press the "-" button, the vibration gradually decreases. Please adjust to the appropriate gear according to actual needs.

Our electric facial cleanser massager machine is not just a face cleanser that has the functions of brushing and massage, it is also a sonic facial scrubber that can provide deep ultrasonic cleaning even inside your facial pore. This is the reason why this Korean smart electric cleansing tool can be one of the best beauty instruments for skin self care. If you want to know more about this hand-held washing & brushing device and its price, please contact us!

FAQs of Smart Facial Cleansing Device

  • Are Face Brushes Good For Your Skin?
    Are Face Brushes Good For Your Skin?

    Using the smart facial cleansing device can make the skin cleaner because the surface of the cleansing device is covered with small and soft particles. While cleaning and washing the face, use the cleansing face device to wipe the cheeks. The small particles on the surface can clean the dirt hidden in the pores effectively.

  • Can You Use A Face Brush Everyday?
    Can You Use A Face Brush Everyday?

    The electric facial cleanser massager machine can't be used every day. Daily use of electronic skin cleanser will lead to enlarged pores, thinner cuticle, and skin sensitivity. Do not use the face cleanser and massager brush for more than 3 minutes each time, otherwise, it will damage the skin, wear the cuticle and make the skin feel pain.

  • What Do You Use With A Facial Cleansing Brush?
    What Do You Use With A Facial Cleansing Brush?

    It depends on the type of skin! People with oily skin can use the electronic skin cleanser with exfoliating scrub-type products. Neutral skin should apply lotion after the usage of our Korean face cleansing device. For dry and sensitive skin, cream cleanser with high moisturizing ingredients should also be used when using the facial cleansing scrubber. For acne muscle, consider the cleansing product containing salicylic acid which can remove oil and open the cutin plug.

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