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USB Charge Hot Compress Neck And Shoulder Massager

TAHATH USB charge hot compress shoulder and neck massager is designed ergonomically and can be 3D close to the neck. 

With beautiful rhombus embellishment, flexible silicone support, and 3 nice massage heads, this usb charging smart neck massager is your best choice to relieve your stiff neck after long-time work. The massage equipment for neck and back is designed with 15-minute's smart timing and 4 major modes. 15 levels of intensity can be adjusted arbitrarily. This usb charging smart neck massager is also highly portable and has the advantages of fast charging, 42 degrees of the constant heat, warm and comfortable. Different modes of the mini usb massager make it possible to provide various types of massage.

Also, it has 15-minute's smart timing, which is considered the most appropriate time to relieve the shoulder muscles.

Furthermore, this mini USB massager is a kind of portable neck and back massager that uses a USB charge, and the USB massager can make you have a wonderful massage experience at any time!

Features of USB Charging Smart Neck Massager

  • 4 Large Modes
    4 Large Modes

    Similar to our electric wireless smart neck massager series, this USB neck massager also has 4 different massaging modes for selection: kneading, hammering, acupuncture, and free mode.

  • Wide Choices over Intensity
    Wide Choices over Intensity

    There are in total 15 different massaging levels for your selection. 

  • Smart Timing
    Smart Timing

    The 15 minutes of smart timing allows this USB neck massager to be automatically turned off after usage. 

  • Hot Compress Function
    Hot Compress Function

    This USB smart neck massager can provide 42  constant temperature compress to better relieve the soreness.

  • Fast Charging
    Fast Charging

    With the built-in high-efficiency lithium battery, TAHATH's USB charging smart neck massager can be fully charged within just 1 hour.

Specifications of USB Charging Smart Neck Massager

Item No Picture Description Technical Specification MEAS

USB Charging Smart Neck Massager

4 massage modes Working Parameters 5V/ 1A N.W.: 125g
15 gear force adjustment G.W.: 250g
Intelligent 15 minute power off Product Size: 13*14cm
One-click quick start Box size: 17*17*6cm
3D fit to the cervical spine CTN Size: 53*37*53cm
Free electrode piece Qty/ CTN 48PCS

Mini USB Massager Reviews

Mini USB Massager Instructions

  • Step 01

    Take the mini USB massager out of the box, tear off the protective film on the three massage heads, wipe the neck skin and the massage head with a wet towel, which can make the massage more comfortable. (Because contact with too dry skin will cause a tingling sensation).

  • Step 02

    Wear the USB charging smart neck massager on the neck to make it close to the skin. Press and hold the power button for 2S to turn on, The default kneading mode.

  • Step 03

    Adjust the intensity of the working USB massager. There are 15 levels of intensity to adjust. Press the intensity + button to increase the intensity; generally, 2-3 levels are the most comfortable intensity. Adjust to the intensity that suits you best.

  • Step 04

    Mode switching, a total of 4 modes are available for selection. Once the default kneading mode of this USB charging smart neck massager is turned on, you can then press to switch between hammering mode, acupuncture mode, and an automatic mode, which is the cycle of the above 3 modes.

  • Step 05

    Turn on the hot compress function of the mini USB Massager. The top button is the hot compress button, press once to turn on the hot compress.

  • Step 06

    The default massaging time of TAHATH's mini USB massager is 15 minutes. If you need to turn off the instrument in advance, press and hold the power button for 2S to shut down.

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