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Seven Most Relaxing Types of Massage Methods

1. Chinese massage 


Chinese massage, with a long history, is an important part of the traditional Chinese medical science for its main purpose of health care and treatment. From the Warring States Period until now, this kind of massage therapy has been the most relaxing type of massage.


2. Japanese massage

It is said that Japanese massage originated in China and was brought to Japan by Chinese traders during the mutual exchange in ancient dynasties. While this statement has not been definitively confirmed, even Japanese medical experts admit that the techniques used in the Japanese massage are strikingly similar to those used in the Chinese massage. However, the way the massage therapist kneels on the customer's back is really in Japanese style.


3. European massage

European massage originated in ancient Greece and Rome and was called "aristocratic sport" because the common people were forbidden to enjoy this kind of health care. After the industrial revolution, this kind of massage method began to prevail gradually in European countries.


4. Korean massage


Korean massage, a modified version of the Korean home massage, is a moderately priced beauty massage method, also known in the beauty care industry as "Korean bone relaxation". In addition to this big remarkable characteristic, oil pushing and hot compress are also the main contents of Korean massage. In addition, Korean massage also often includes shampoo, manicure, and Chinese herbal medicine bath.


5. Hong Kong massage

Hong Kong massage is a new massage method created by doctors in Guangdong province of China on the basis of massage techniques in southern coastal areas, learning from the western massage technique of applying massage oil. It mainly includes thumb pressing, back massage and oil massage.


6. Hot stone massage

In 1993, American massage therapist Mary Nelson introduced the hot stone massage with special essential oil (customized according to the individual's physical condition), which immediately attracted a large number of Hollywood stars. Americans consider it the most relaxing type of massage.


7. Body-fit massage

First the massage therapist exfoliates the body of customers. Then with essential oil the massage therapist will massage customers' feet, legs, abdomen, buttocks, and finally the back gently, enabling them to relax. Through the communication with customers in the process of massage, the massage therapist will apply different pressures and techniques to the special parts where the blood and other body fluids cannot flow smoothly.

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