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Eye Massager
Eye Massager

Is Eye Massager safe?

The eyes are the windows of the soul and one of the most important organs of the human body. However, in daily life, we will lose our eyesight due to incorrect eye use habits. Children, the elderly, office workers, etc. especially need eye massagers. Long-term use of the eyes can cause dryness, soreness, and blurring of the eyes. Most people can use smart living eye massagers without any issue, and they are pretty safe to use. Besides, the massaging mechanisms of the eyes massage machine are gentle and designed to massage specific areas of strain around the eyes and temples. However, people suffering from cataracts, diabetes, a retina condition, eye infections, injuries, or who had an eye operation should consult the doctor before using. And if you wear contact lenses then it is necessary to remove the lenses before using the eyes massager machine.

Our intelligent eye massager has many benefits and has got plenty of positive reviews. The thermal eye massager of our eye massager series can provide the best intelligent eye care services such as acupressure for ark circles under eyes, sonic awakening for puffy eyes, and pure vibrating therapy for the head and eye. TAHATH is a professional eye massager supplier in China, we offer multi-function eye massagers that integrated smart living, Vibro, ionic, etc. Please contact us to get an attractive price and learn more about eye massagers.

Benefits of Eye Massager

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    Intelligent Eye Care Services: TAHATH smart living eye massagers can provide acupressure for ark circles under eyes, sonic awakening for puffy eyes, and pure vibrating therapy

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    Highly Portable: TAHATH eyes massager machines are easy to be carried around. With the help of this China eye massager, you can have a nice eye massage anywhere and any time.

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    Multifunctional: Equipped with Bluetooth and a built-in speaker, TAHATH eye care intelligent eye massager can provide you with high-end eye massagers with various functions

How  To Protect Eyesight With TAHATH Eye Massager Machine?

How To Protect Eyesight With TAHATH Eye Massager Machine?

  • Pay attention to the eye environment. The light used to use the eyes must be moderate, too strong or too dark will cause a burden on the eyes.Do not read in the sun or in a driving car.

  • Know how to let our eyes rest. Long-term work will put the eyes in a tense state, so after working for 1 hour, we should rest our eyes for about 10 minutes, and it is best to move our hands, feet, and torso outside the office to relax the eyes.

  • Maintain a correct sitting posture. Your eyes should be about one foot away from the book when reading and writing. When typing on a computer, your eyes should be about 40cm to 75cm away from the display. When watching TV, stay away from about 3 meters, do not stare at the screen for a long time, it will cause vision loss.

  • Look far away from the balcony or a place with a relatively open view, staring at the green plants in the distance for 5-10 minutes, until the outline of the entire plant and even each leaf can be seen clearly (the degree of clarity is It depends on the quality of the eyes). This method can reduce the fatigue and dryness of the eyes caused by long-time indoor reading and use of eyes.

  • Do eye exercises to relieve the eyes. Relax the eye muscles, promote blood circulation in the eyes, meet the needs of eye congestion, and give the eyes a full rest. Don't rub our eyes with dirty hands, because if your hands are not cleaned, touching dirty objects will bring some germs into the eyes and cause eye inflammation.

  • Pay attention to food for nutritional supplements. Computer operators should eat more carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu, red dates, oranges, milk, eggs, animal liver, lean meat, and other foods to supplement vitamin A and protein in the human body. 

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