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Electric Wireless Smart Neck Massager

TAHATH's wireless neck and shoulder massager features an ergonomic design, 3D close to the neck design, beautiful rhombus embellishment, flexible silicone support, 3 nice massage heads, 15-minute smart timing, 4 major modes, 15 levels of intensity that can be adjusted arbitrarily, portable fast charging, hot compress function, remote control, wireless, and LCD screen display.

This wireless neck massager has many positive reviews. After working for a day, your stiff neck and back feel sore. At this time, pick up the TAHATH's neck and shoulder massager and enjoy a private massage with electric pulse technology, which deeply stimulates the muscles, promotes blood circulation, relieves the shoulder muscles, and brings you a comfortable massage experience.

This is one of the leading massage equipment for neck and back, and also a kind of portable neck and back massager. Massage according to the smart neck massager instructions for 15 minutes, you will feel comfortable all day.

Features of Wireless Smart Neck Massager

  • 4 Modes
    4 Modes

    This wireless neck massager has 4 different modes for your selection: kneading, hammering, acupuncture, free.

  • Remote Control
    Remote Control

    The series of our intelligent electric wireless neck massager also supports remote control. You can easily start and adjust this wireless neck massager by the remote.

  • LCD Display
    LCD Display

    The LCD display is also equipped on this smart neck massager.

  • 15 Levels of Density
    15 Levels of Density

    This smart neck and back massager is capable of conducting 15 different levels of intensity so as to provide a better massaging experience.

  • 15 Minutes of Smart Timing
    15 Minutes of Smart Timing

    This intelligent electric wireless neck massager will automatically shut down after 15 minutes of smart timing.

  • Hot Compress Function
    Hot Compress Function

    This wireless neck massager is capable of conducting 42℃ constant temperature hot compression

  • Fast Charging
    Fast Charging

    After being charged for 1 hour, our massager can work 15minutes per day for more than 10 days

Specifications of Electric Wireless Smart Neck Massager

Item No Picture Description Technical Specification MEAS

Wireless Smart Neck Massager

4 massage modes Working Parameters 5V/ 1A N.W.: 157g
15 gear force adjustment G.W.: 297g
Intelligent 15 minute power off Product Size: 13*14cm
One-click quick start Box size: 17*17*6cm
3D fit to the cervical spine CTN Size: 50.5*38*53cm
Free electrode piece Qty/ CTN 48PCS

Intelligent Neck Massager Reviews

Intelligent Neck Massager Instructions

  • Step 01

    We take the wireless neck massager out of the box, tear off the protective film on the three massage heads, wipe the neck skin and the massage head with a wet towel, which can make the massage more comfortable. (Because contact with too dry skin will cause a tingling sensation).

  • Step 02

    Wear the shoulder and neck massager on the neck to make it close to the skin. Press and hold the power button for 2S to turn on the default kneading mode.

  • Step 03

    Adjust the intensity of the electric wireless smart neck massager. There are 15 levels of intensity to adjust. Press the intensity + button to increase the intensity; generally, 2-3 levels are the most comfortable intensity. Adjust to the intensity that suits you best.

  • Step 04

    Mode switching, a total of 4 modes are available for selection. The default kneading mode is turned on, and then press to switch between hammering mode, acupuncture mode, and automatic mode, which is the cycle of the above 3 modes.

  • Step 05

    The use of electrode pads: the electrode pads of our wireless neck massager can be attached to various parts of the body, such as arms, neck, waist, legs, etc. Insert the wire holes of the electrode pads into the shoulder and neck massager, tear off the protective film on the two electrode pads, and stick them to the parts that need to be massaged. (Note that when the electrode pads start to work, the massager machine stops working, and two of them cannot work at the same time)

  • Step 06

    The default timing of our smart wireless neck massager is 15 minutes to automatically shut down. If you need to turn off the instrument in advance, press and hold the power button for 2S to shut down.

Electric Wireless Smart Neck Massager

Is the Intelligent Neck Massager Safe?

The incidence of cervical spondylosis is very high for people who maintain a posture in the neck for a long time. For example, office white-collar workers, drivers who drive for a long time, etc. Since many jobs now require long-term desks (and many people have developed the habit of looking down at their phones frequently), cervical spondylosis has become a problem that many urban young people are facing.

A suitable electric wireless smart neck massager is then particularly important. So, someone will ask, is it safe?

The answer is safe, let's start with how it works.

A single-chip microcomputer is used to synthesize several modulated pulses, and then modulate them into a low-frequency carrier, and then output the pulse current with a frequency below 1000Hz to the rubber electrode through the amplifier circuit, and use the electrode sheet to directly stimulate the muscle and the sensory receptors of the nerve endings in the muscle. Simply put, the electric wireless smart neck massager can filter the power supply into an adjustable low-frequency pulse current that is harmless to the human body, and "shock" your skin through the electrode patch, thereby making you feel numb and crisp. 

What needs to be added is that although the wireless neck massager is generally not harmful to the human body, it is not suitable for some people, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, arrhythmia, pregnant women, children, menstruating women, etc. 

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