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What Is Full Body Deep Tissue Massage?

Full body deep tissue massage mainly involves working with the body's fascia, muscles and joints. Compared with other common massages, such as Swedish or finger massage, deep tissue massage is usually slower and deeper into the inner body. As a result, massage therapists apply deep pressure to the target area of the body. And most deep tissue massages focus on major muscle groups, such as the neck or lower back as well as parts of the joints and tendons that are prone to injury. So, deep tissue massage is also known as sports massage.

Here are some different types of massage that are also a part of the deep tissue massage:

  • Swedish massage

  • Sports/muscle massage

  • Thai massage

  • Lymphatic drainage

The full body deep tissue massage is specially designed for people who have experienced muscle pain. Here are some of the rarer deep tissue treatments that even experienced massage lovers have never heard of:


The air in the cupping tank is discharged by heat, which makes it easy to absorb on human skin and cause blood stasis. Thus, it can dispel cold and dampness, promote blood circulation and relieve pain, remove toxins and heat, and it has the functions of relieving fatigue and strengthening physical fitness. In addition, it stimulates the nervous system and promotes better blood flow. People may feel strange about this treatment at first, but they will soon find it very relaxing.

Trigger point therapy: 

This approach applies pressure to a specific trigger point to prevent blood from flowing to a certain part of the body. The principle of trigger point therapy is that wastes from the human body accumulate around the nerve plexus. If allowed, the waste can form nodules or bands, which can be felt in the tissue and exert pressure on the plexus. This formation is called a trigger point, it can sometimes cause severe pain because the pressure on the muscles causes the trigger point to activate. The treatment is used to find and destroy these nodules to help relieve pain.

Bali and Indonesian massage: 

It is a combination of massage techniques, including acupressure, and aromatherapy. It is particularly useful for treating sports-related injuries. This type of massage is used for the fascia, which is a hard tissue that surrounds bones, organs, muscles, blood vessels, etc. The technique is called myofascial release and it involves some stretching, which releases tension or pain inside the body.

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