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Handheld Recovery Percussion Muscle Massage Gun - TY602

Massage Gun TY602, TAHATH's Professional Handheld Percussion Muscle Massage Gun is equipped with 6 Speed Levels and 4 Massage Heads for Gym Office Home Post-Workout Recovery.

The deep tissue massage our TY 602 massager provides can speed up muscle recovery & help the users to treat muscle pain. There's more to it than you'd think - it also reduces stiffness, improves flexibility & boosts blood flow. Discover it all with our TAHATH massage gun.

Features of Handheld Recovery Percussion Muscle Massage Gun

  • 6 Levels Of High Frequency Deep Massage Therapy
    6 Levels Of High Frequency Deep Massage Therapy

    Meet the massage needs of different parts, whether it is for muscle relaxation after exercise or daily body massage, you can always find the right amplitude for this handheld percussion massager. 

  • Flexible Touch & Comfortable Experience
    Flexible Touch & Comfortable Experience

    The elastic sponge head of this handheld percussion massager is soft and comfortable to touch, which holds good air permeability. 

  • Precise Percussion
    Precise Percussion

    Similar to other massager guns like our brushless massage gun, this series of handheld infrared massagers can also conduct precise percussion towards different parts of your body. 

  • 4 Colors For Selection
    4 Colors For Selection

    The series of TY 602 handheld infrared massager has 4 different colors available for further selection.

  • Rechargable Lithium Battery
    Rechargable Lithium Battery

    Just as many of the other accupressure gun produced by TAHATH, the TY 602 massager also employs rechargable lithium batteries so as to extend their service lives. 

Specifications of Handheld Recovery Percussion Muscle Massage Gun




Technical Specification



Handheld Recovery Percussion Muscle Massage Gun

Material : ABS&TPR





Strength gear: 6 levels



Single key switch

Product Size:


11 mm massage stroke

Box size:


Battery capacity : 2500Mah

CTN Size:


Use time : 120 Minutes

Qty/ CTN


Charging time : 180 minutes



4 massage heads


Black, Silver, Blue, Red

Percussion Massager Instructions

  • Step 01

    Fully charge the handheld muscle massager and the charging time is about 2-3 hours.

  • Step 02

    Choose a suitable massage head and insert the front end.

  • Step 03

    Turn on the muscle recovery massage machine with one key and adjust the intensity. There are in total of 6 levels of intensity to choose.

  • Step 04

    Aim the head of the handheld percussion massager at the area to be massaged.

  • Step 05

    If you need to change parts for massage, turn off the muscle recovery massage machine with one key and replace it with a different massage head, and perform massage again

  • Step 06

    One-key shutdown

Handheld Recovery Percussion Muscle Massage Gun - TY602

How Long Should You Use A Percussion Massager?

For people who exercise regularly, you can use this handheld percussion massager every day to help you relax muscles and relieve muscle fatigue.

However, for people who do not usually exercise, whose muscle tissue is weak, the force of the recovery massage gun might be strong. It is easy to increase fatigue when the massage gun is used every day. It is recommended to use a percussion gun after exercise or when the muscles are relatively tired.

How Often Can You Use A Percussion Massager?

The massage of each part of your body should not exceed 3-5 minutes at most. Since the handheld percussion massager uses a high-speed motor to drive the gun head, the high frequency generated can reach 2000-3000 times per minute of force and vibration, which is transmitted to the muscles and fascia of the human body, and the force is strong. If the message continues too long, it will increase muscle fatigue and even damage the muscles. Therefore, each muscle part can not be used for more than 3-5 minutes.

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