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Deep Pressure Relieve Massage Device Gym Body Muscle Therapy Massage Gun

Massage Gun, TAHATH Professional Deep Tissue Muscle Massager Gun, Percussion Handheld Electric Muscle Massager with 5 Speed Levels 4 Massage Heads for Gym Office Home Post-Workout Recovery. The ergonomic single-hand grip with rubber non-slip coating can not only minimize the external vibrations but also cause no wobble at the handle. 

This deep tissue accupressure gun is portable and handy, even for the elderly. The organized case of this deep muscle gun series is easy to carry and store. Moreover, similar to our brushless massage gun, this deep pressure massage gun also has different massaging modes and heads for selection, which allows the users to have a better massaging experience. The running sound of this series is quietly below 40DB, so you can use this powerful but ear-friendly deep massager at home, gym, office without disturbing others. Once this deep massager is fully charged, it can last for weeks. This easy-to-use self-massage tool is ideal for athletes, trainers, therapists, warming-up, or daily health care.

Features of Deep Pressure Muscle Massage Gun

  • 5 Adjustable Speed Levels
    5 Adjustable Speed Levels

    This deep muscle gun can achieve massaging 1400 to 3200 times per minute and reach your tissue as deep as 12mm to increase blood flow and thus relieve muscle soreness and stiffness better – you can choose a preferable speed for your daily massage or after-workout relaxation with this deep tissue muscle massage machine.

  • 4 Replaceable Massage Heads
    4 Replaceable Massage Heads

    This deep pressure massage gun for muscles has massage heads in different shapes to be used in different muscle groups and provides targeted treatment for fast recovery; easy and quick to disassembly massage heads in seconds

  • Quiet Operation
    Quiet Operation

    Adopting 24V brushless motor and high-quality bearing, this deep pressure massage gun, similar to our brushless massage gun, can also conduct almost drop-dead silent massage so as to perform better use in the office or gym without causing a disturbance with the quiet percussion massager

  • Handheld Massage Guns with Practical Travel Case
    Handheld Massage Guns with Practical Travel Case

    Comes with a PU travel case to keep all the parts in perfect order, making this deep muscle gun easier to store

  • Ultra-Long Work Time up to 10hrs
    Ultra-Long Work Time up to 10hrs

    Auto shut-off after 15mins of continuous use to protect against overheating

Specifications of Deep Pressure Muscle Massager Gun

Picture Product Name Model Product Parameter Description

Deep Pressure Massage Gun

Fascia Gun B605 Carton Size:315*80*225mm

Ball Head: suitable for massaging arms, waist and back

U-Shaped Head: suitable for massaging the neck and spine

Cylindrical Head: suitable for joints and palms

Flat Head: suitable for joints and palms

Function: shaping, massage, fat reduction, relaxation, physical therapy
Product Size:210*60*75mm
Charging Voltage:5V
Rated Voltage:7.4V
Rated Power:24W
Gross Weight:1kg
Net Weight:0.9kg

5 levels of high-frequency deep massage therapy,               

4 types of replaceable massage heads

Deep Muscle Massager Gun Reviews

Deep Pressure Relieve Massage Device Gym Body Muscle Therapy Massage Gun

Deep Tissue Massage Gun Benefits

TAHATH's deep tissue massage Gun is a device that helps stretch recovery through vibration equipment, which can deeply relieve muscle stiffness and soreness and increase blood circulation. It is suitable for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, office workers, and the elderly.

Built to deeply relieve muscle soreness and accelerate post-workout recovery, this deep muscle gun can deliver a very strong, deep but gentle massage. Gets the blood flowing to sore muscles. Reduces risk of potential injuries & accelerates recovery. Gives your muscles a nice stretch before a workout & relaxes them afterward. It helps with chronic sore back, neck & feet. Widely used by professionals, including chiropractors, occupational & physical therapists.

Deep Muscle Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage for Quads

As for quads, our deep muscle gun has 3 different kinds of heads available

Spherical Head - For large muscle groups such as arms, back, hips, thighs, calves, etc

D-Shaped Head - for abdominal muscles

Air Cushioning Soft Head - For sensitive muscles relaxation

Deep Tissue Massage for Shin Splints

You can use the U-shaped heads and bullet heads of our deep pressure massage gun for the massaging of your shin splints

U-Shaped Head - For neck, spine and Achilles tendon

Bullet Head - For impacting deep tissues such as meridians, joints, palmas, etc.

Deep Tissue Massage for Tennis Elbow

Flat Head - For back bulk muscle groups

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