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TAHATH Social Responsibility

TAHATH adheres to the principle of customers first, employees second, and shareholders third.

  • To employees: create a comfortable corporate atmosphere, identify with the company's corporate culture, pay employees monthly on time, give them corresponding benefits and promotion opportunities, so that employees have a sense of belonging and maintain full employment.


  • To shareholders: A reasonable and complete distribution mechanism ensures that the interests of shareholders are maximized.


  • To consumers: Integrity management, guarantee product quality and reasonable price, and provide thoughtful service. The products of TAHATH all have CE, FCC, Rohs certification to ensure that the products comply with international standards.

Consumer Rights

  • To the government: Actively respond to the call of the local government, and at the same time abide by the laws and regulations, operate with integrity, and do the duty to pay taxes.


  • To the environment: To be an environmentally friendly company, use environmentally friendly materials to produce products; advocate low-carbon travel for employees; tree planting activities, etc.

Green Environment

  • To the society: Hexi Charity Festival is held regularly to benefit society. Mail books to children in poor mountainous areas; send warmth to the elderly in nursing homes; donate money to help the disabled, etc.